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4001 Main Street, Philadelphia, PA 19127

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

20% Off Designblendz University Digital Classroom: A Crash Course to Learn the A-Z of New Construction


In this 3-day virtual Real Estate event, you will learn from architects, zoning attorneys, real estate marketing gurus, and builders in the City of Philadelphia.  You will learn everything needed to build new construction homes and multi-unit apartment buildings in and around the Greater Philadelphia region. The event is held online through live video conferencing.

At Designblendz we have been helping hundreds of clients design, visualize, and build new construction residential and mixed-use projects around the city of Philadelphia since 2014.  In Q1 of 2019, our firm submitted 126 building applications to the city of Philadelphia. We are responsible for every 1 out of 49 residential units approved year to date in 2019 in Philadelphia.  Now is the time for us to share how we do what we do, and bring value to real estate professionals in the room to save them time, money, and sleepless nights.

This event is for the following people

  • Successful Rehabbers looking to move into new construction projects, but are unsure about the process, time, and costs involved.
  • Real Estate Agents that want to better understand the building process to be able to provide more value to their clients.
  • Real Estate Investors looking to understand how their money is used in projects
  • Those who are serious about getting into real estate full time but might consider skipping renovations.
  • Developers/Builders/Real Estate Professionals who are already having success at building new construction, but are interested in improving their education of new technology and processes.  

Event Pricing: This event is not a sales pitch and is set up to bring massive value to real estate professionals looking to better understand the new construction process. 

The Community: By attending this class you will join a private facebook community of all past alumni that attended Designblendz University events.  You will be able to ask questions about potential projects and have access to our team at any time.

The Itinerary:

Day 1 – New Construction Pro Forma Analysis, Understanding By Right and Variance Zoning Options 

✔️ Finally understand how to zone a piece of property effectively so you can maximize the value of any lot You’ll get trained on zoning studies in Philadelphia so that you can confidently know what you can build on a piece of land, so that you know what your architect is talking about!

✔️ Learn how to understand the various costs and processes associated with New Construction. Brian will walk you through a new construction proforma to see exactly how Designblendz analyzes a new potential project for clients.

Day 2 – Architectural Zoning Layout Exercises, Construction Estimating and Pre Construction Marketing

✔️ Discover how to lay out row homes in the city for maximum livability and value

✔️ Learn how to leverage old school and new school marketing to drive awareness and get your new construction purchased before a shovel hits the ground

✔️ How to estimate within 5% of the cost to build a home from the ground up

The 83-item construction checklist and pro forma that you’ll receive will help you quote a project with a fraction of the margin of error needed in rehabbing and flipping. 

We’ll break projects down line-by-line and give you the insider's knowledge of price-per-square foot for different project types in the city of Philadelphia.

Day 3 – Virtual Field Day Reviewing (6) Properties in Different Stages of Development through a virtual tour utilizing matterport technology.

We will go over construction terminology and walk through virtual homes at various stages.  Our construction company captures all phases of construction in a 360 view so we know where the critical systems exist.

Who will be teaching sessions for the event?

Brian Corcodilos, CEO Designblendz

Scott Woodruff, Director Architecture

Rachael Pritzker, Zoning Attorney, and Co-Founder Pritzker Law Group

Casey Stanton, CMO and Marketing Expert, Founder of CMOx


The Event will be from 9am to 12pm each day

Guarantee: You will come out of this event with the knowledge, skillset, and resources to understand the process of developing new construction single-family homes, and small apartment buildings in Philadelphia, or your money back.

Refunds: There are no refunds available for this event unless you go to the event and feel that we did not fulfill our guarantee.  You may, however, use the purchase price towards another event in the future.


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